Your next business venture could be in Canada

Investor Program

Federal Investor Program

This program is closed and no longer accepting applications.

Quebec Investor Program

This program does not require knowledge of French or Englsh. How ever you

  • should be able to demonstrate a minimum net worth of CAD 2000000 $ alone or with the help of your spouse or common-law partner if they are accompanying you. Assets such as property, bank accounts, pension funds, stocks and shares may be included.
  • should have at least 2 years of experience as the business owner of senior manager.
  • should make one refundable Investment of CAD 350,000 $ in one of the Quebec financial intermediaries or a refundable investment of CAD 2,000,000$ in one of the Quebec financial intermediaries


A business leader who is able to start and/or run a business

In this program, there are number of provinces which have their own business immigration programs. And each province has its own requirements and selection criteria. However, in general there are two step process that leads to permanent residency. First, is to get nominated by the province and then apply to citizenship and immigration Canada for permanent residency. As it was mentioned, the requirements can be different from one province to another. 

Each of the programs can lead to Permanent Residency.

A chart showing the entrepreneur conditions of each province is given in this page.