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Quebec Programs

Most of the programs available in Federal programs are also available in Province of Quebec. Click here for more detailed information.

Federal Programs

You have decided to immigrate and thus you are here. Look inside for more in-depth ways of how to immigrate to Canada. Click here for more info.

Provincial Program

The provinces to attract more competant workers and investorshave created their own programs which mainly work through the Express Entry System. Click here for more info.


Canada boasts of many colleges and Universities which are highly ranked in the world. Many young people apply to come here and study and maybe apply for Permanent Residence after. Click here.


The Canada–Quebec Accord relating to Immigration and Temporary Admission of Aliens is a legal agreement concerning immigration issues between the federal government of Canada and the government of Quebec. The arrangement gives Quebec the exclusive responsibility of choosing immigrants and refugees still living in their own countries but wishing to relocate to the province.

There are many pathways that can lead to immigration through Quebec. Knowledge of French is surely an asset. For more information refer to the Quebec Page.